Knowing their meaning will help you in choosing what flowers are suitable to complete the flower bouquet for your weddings day. The following is the meaning of flowers in a bouquet suitable for you.

1. Rose

One of the top choices that are often involved in every wedding event. This rose is synonymous with love, which is why roses are often chosen as a sign of someone’s love for their loved ones.

2. Chrysanthemum

Can be an alternative to roses which are often used to make bouquets. The colors that are often used in weddings are white, yellow, and red. Each chrysanthemum color has a different meaning. White chrysanthemum means honesty, red chrysanthemum symbolizes love and yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes a secret admirer.

3. Orchid

Including plants that are quite expensive but very beautiful and beautiful, suitable to be your wedding bouquet. The meaning of flowers in a bouquet of this type of orchid is also very deep. It symbolizes love and extraordinary beauty.

4. Daffodils

Daffodils or lilies are often used for wedding bouquets. The meaning contained is also very beautiful, namely the beauty of first love. If for those of you who are both married to first love this is suitable for use. Besides symbolizing first love, daffodils also symbolize majesty, honor, and luck. It is hoped that the love of a pair of tiered brides in an event has hope for the future as well as its meaning.

5. Daisy

Symbolizes life with partners who share. Suitable for your wedding reception. Daisy is also one of the most sought-after by many prospective brides.

6. Baby’s Breath

Having a small shape, this is currently popular and is also in great demand by prospective brides for weddings. Displaying simplicity but giving the impression of elegance and grace has made it increasingly popular today. The meaning of the baby’s breath itself is tenderness as well as sincerity of love. It turns out that baby’s breath is still included in the carnation family, originating from Central Europe, East to Asia.

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