Each of you has both masculine and feminine energies within you, and both must be activated and brought to the same place as you can see at Your Highest Truth – what is masculine energy. If you have a battle with the masculine and feminine gender on the outside, you can assume that you are most definitely in inner conflict with yourself. You need a balance of both masculine and feminine energy aspects, which have nothing to do with gender. It’s about energy, and this is why, of course, all the confusion at this point that it seems to bring to focus on sexuality when it’s not a problem.

The problem is energy. So when you find other people about you who are angry with the opposite sex, ask them to look within and heal, instead of projecting more isolation and separation from the outside world. The present earth and all the creatures that walk on it need to be loved, it needs to be held, it needs to be held in the community, about the Truth, not separated. It’s time to bring balance because you can’t take the next step without being balanced. You have walked on one leg.

You have to be calm – you have to be in balance to take the next steps, and for those of you who have the illusion that being alone is balance, you need to look deeper, deeper. You can be emotionally balanced inside as much as you can, but that’s only one part or one side of the scale. The balance of masculine and feminine within each of you is brought to the surface of your current being in a new form of connection with the soul. Many of you who work on aspects of your relationship with yourself and your relationship with others is about to embark on a new journey that is just the next step: a connection with your soul path.

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