There are many conveniences that we feel in our daily activities because of the growing benefits of artificial intelligence. Consciously or not, we are living side by side with systems that help us in carrying out various activities, such as artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently increasingly being used in various fields of life, from health, automotive, technology, education, and others. If artificial intelligence exists in various fields, have you felt the benefits of its existence? Learn more on machine learning for computer vision.

1. Save Time
The existence of AI greatly saves time in doing jobs that take a long time for humans. In the health sector, for example, it is easier for workers in hospitals to find patient data in seconds. Imagine if humans were looking for patient data, a full day would not be enough to find one data from thousands of patient data in the hospital. In a company, AI also helps work in extracting data that needs to be analyzed. These two examples show us how useful AI can be in saving time.

2. Increase Productivity
The time saved at work can be used to do other work. While AI is at work extracting the data that needs to be analyzed, we can complete other tasks that need to be completed at the same time. As a result, more tasks will be completed with help from AI than by humans alone.

3. Minimize Human Error
This one benefit really makes AI instrumental in every activity we do. Artificial intelligence is present in various programs, applications and systems in electronic devices, helping us to check for invisible errors. We can see this from the Spelling and Grammar Check features in word processing applications. If there is an error in writing a word or meaning, the AI ​​system will immediately line the wrong word. If there is a data input error, the AI ​​system can also immediately detect and notify us through a notification that will appear. It is undeniable that even though humans have extraordinary brain intelligence, mistakes can still occur. So the existence of AI has had a significant impact in helping all of our activities.

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