For those of you who want to understand the problems related to the causes of damage that are usually experienced by fiber optic cables, then you are in the right article because, in this article, we will explain some of the things that usually cause interference with fiber optic cables. Meanwhile, for those of you who are interested in using fiber optic cables, we recommend that for the installation section, you can submit it to experienced fiber optic cable installation contractors. That way the fiber optic cable will be able to work optimally. When installing fiber optic cables, care must be taken to ensure that there is no damage to the fiber optic cables and that the cables do not bend, stretch or deform. The best case is that the fiber core will break and break.

The worst case is that the fiber optic core will be deformed or damaged and cause signal distortion which results in intermittent errors. As you probably already know that in data networks, two types of cables are commonly used Single-mode and multimode. The core is embedded in a layer of cladding which helps protect and strengthen the cable. As for the cause of the damaged fiber optic cable, this usually occurs because the optical fiber is already fragile. So in this case of fiber optic cable damage, it lies in the glass core of the brittle fiber optic cable.

It is slightly thicker than human hair but made of glass. Indeed the manufacturer has been able to design and manufacture the core material to be somewhat elastic and resistant to bending and single-mode fibers using a special type of glass extruded into a solid medium to protect it. But of course when we rarely do maintenance, then damage can happen. The next cause is usually due to cracks in the fiber core.

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