If you are still confused about finding the city where you live in the United States, we will also tell you the approximate cost of living in several cities there.
That way, you can estimate the amount of budget needed when choosing to study or work in that city.

1. Houston

Houston has a cost of living that is 11% cheaper than any other major city.
If you have excess funds, you can buy a house to live in Houston for $ 124,700.
You can also find a power washing company in Houston. So you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the house you rent.

2. New York

New York is one of the grandest cities in the United States. So do not be surprised if the cost of living in this city is relatively high.
The cost of living per month in New York ranges from $ 1,638 to $ 3,895.

3. Los Angeles

Rentals in Los Angeles cost an average of $900 per month.
Transportation and gas costs in Los Angeles are 55% more expensive than in any other major city in the United States.

4. Phoenix

This city in the state of Arizona is a big city with a lower cost of living.
Per month you might be able to spend $ 674 to $ 1,600.
You can study at several universities such as Grand Canyon University, University of Arizona, or Prescott College.

5. San Antonio

Another city that you can choose as a place to live in San Antonio.
The cost of living in this city is not too expensive. Housing costs in San Antonio are around $649.
Meanwhile, the cost of living is around $ 2,716 or Rp. 37 million per month.

Those are the details of the cost of living in the United States for those of you who want to study or work.
Before deciding to live there, make sure all your needs will be fulfilled.
If you want to go to college, make sure the cost of education and living there is within the budget.
Meanwhile, for those of you who want to work in the United States, make sure your salary can meet your monthly living expenses.

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