Our look depends heavily on our hair, which many spend hours shaping and caring for. How much do we truly understand about our hair, though? Here are some fantastic hair-related statistics by The Official Hair Burrell that will astound you and pique your interest:

Hair is Stronger Than You Think: Hair is powerful, and each strand can support up to 100 grams of weight. Because of this, hair can support the importance of a grown adult hanging on it.

Nighttime Hair Growth: Although it may seem unusual, it is valid. This is because increased blood flow to the scalp when you sleep encourages hair growth.

Hair is Dead Tissue: Hair is technically dead tissue once it grows from the scalp. This is the reason why cutting hair doesn’t hurt.

Hair is as Individual as a Fingerprint: Each person’s hair is distinctive, much like their fingerprints. Genetics plays a role in determining hair thickness, texture, and color.

Protein Makes Hair: The protein keratin, also in our skin and nails, makes up the hair.

Hair Can Be a Goldmine: In the past, hair was prized and frequently used as a form of payment. Human hair is used today to create wigs, extensions, and other beauty items.

Hair Can Indicate Drug Usage: Because drug traces can linger for up to three months, hair can be used to identify drug usage.

At HairBurrel, we recognize the value of having healthy, attractive hair. To help you reach the hair of your dreams, our team of professionals is committed to providing the best hair care goods and services. We offer various customized services to match your specific needs, ranging from color services and haircuts to keratin treatments and hair extensions.

HairBurrel has everything you need to reach your goals, whether you desire a daring new appearance or keep your hair healthy and shiny.

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