Multiple personality is a condition in which there are two or more personalities in a person. This condition is generally caused by trauma in childhood, either in the form of physical, emotional, or sexual violence that occurs repeatedly. Multiple personalities are different from common dissociative disorders. There are various types of dissociative disorders, ranging from mild to severe. Some people actually have mild dissociative experiences, for example when daydreaming or doing something without realizing it. Multiple personality is a form of severe dissociative disorder. This disorder is also known as dissociative identity disorder. You need to learn about teenage mental health on our website.

People who have multiple personalities are often not aware that they have the disorder. One of the signs or symptoms that people with multiple personalities have is the feeling of being possessed when their personalities change. Some people describe this condition as trance. The emergence of multiple personalities in a person is a response to adapting to extreme pain, fear, and trauma. This can be said to be similar to a mental defense mechanism. Each personality has a different identity, with a different mindset, speech, behavior, gender, and age. Each personality can take full control of the sufferer’s body in turn.

The following are some other signs that people with multiple personalities share:

1. Have memory lapses
People with multiple personalities often forget important dates in their lives, such as the date of birth, date of birth of children, or date of marriage. This forgetting symptom is different from normal forgetting, because the sufferer does not know the information when his personality changes to another personality. In addition, sufferers also often do not remember being in a place or the reason for being in that place.

2. Feeling alien to the people around him
Sufferers can feel alien to the people around him when he changes personality. Some people with multiple personality disorder may also not know their real names when the other personality is taking over.

3. Having a psychological disorder
Not infrequently people with multiple personalities experience stress due to their condition so that other psychological disorders appear, such as panic attacks or excessive anxiety (anxiety disorders). The mood of people with multiple personality changes often. Sufferers may also feel worthless, depressed, or even suicidal. Other psychological disorders that can also occur are eating disorders and sleep disorders.

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