In America, white coffee is made from coffee beans that are briefly roasted until they are brown in color, and produce a brownish watery coffee drink with high acidity known as espresso. Because it is roasted (roasted) in a relatively short time, the natural sugar in the beans is not sticky, dark brown and does not leave a bitter taste, the taste and aroma are slightly different from ordinary coffee. You can get the best coffee on

In Malaysia, white coffee is popular and was developed by the owner of the Thong Lian coffee house in the city of Ipoh, Perak Malaysia in the 20th century. Thong Lian wants to give a coffee drink to customers to make it look unique. Finally, they developed white coffee, which is coffee beans that are briefly roasted by adding margarine.

The coffee beans give a lighter color than black coffee in general. When brewed, Ipoh White coffee is added with condensed milk to make it more savory. Slowly Ipoh white coffee has gained popularity in other countries such as Australia, England and the United States and of course Indonesia today.

In the Arabian peninsula, the name white coffee is also used. In Yemen the name white coffee is a drink made from the skin of coffee beans added with spices. While in Syria and Lebanon it is made from orange flower water, which is efficacious for calming the nerves, usually served after a heavy meal. In this case, the term white coffee has nothing to do with coffee, like herbal tea.

White coffee is not actually white, once brewed into a cup. White coffee is also not the usual coffee that has been bleached, such as cream, milk. White coffee has a much lighter coffee-like color with a lighter brown tint. White coffee has a very different taste from the taste of a regular cup of coffee which usually has a strong and bitter taste, so it is suitable for non-coffee drinkers to enjoy because of its savory taste when brewed. White coffee can be considered a coffee substitute, (some say it tastes purer). The longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more caffeine will burn. White coffee contains more caffeine because it is roasted briefly so it is perfect for those who want an extra dose of caffeine.

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