How to manage the application in the game Higgs Domino Island. If you’ve been confused about how to set the Higgs Domino free autoclicker, then please refer to the following discussion until it’s finished.

The first step you have to do is make sure that this application is installed on your cellphone.

Then if you have, please open the application and the accessibility service will appear then click “ok”.
Next, the accessibility settings screen will appear, then please activate the “auto clicker”, by clicking on the menu then a pop up will appear. Then click “ok” and slide the tab to the right.
If you have shifted please select and click “one target mode” then click “activate”.
If it is active then please exit the application and open the Higgs Domino application.
Please select the gameplay you want to play.
Then please point the click icon on the HIggs Domino spin button that you are playing.
After that, please open “settings” and click the “gear” icon then click “automatic” and please enter the 188 millisecond interval.
Next, please click the “play” menu if you have then the application will run clicking according to the time you have specified.
If you want to change the time again then please do the same thing as before.
Done! Please you start trying it.

That’s how to set the auto clicker in your game. You can follow the steps above to make it easier for you to set it up. You don’t have to worry if your smartphone is an Android. Because this application can be used on android phones with mobile phone specifications type 7 and above. Before using this application you need to know that Burn-in can occur if the phone is turned on too long while using the auto-click application. To prevent it, we recommend enabling the “Hide pop-up window while playing back” option which effectively prevents burn-in.

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