Social media once served as a way for people to stay in touch with their friends. The main focus was on tech-savvy youngsters sharing their private moments. It still holds sway.

Social media, however, now also links businesses to their customers in addition to that.

Some businesses only receive 5–10% of their sales from digital media, while other businesses rely entirely on these channels.

You’ve chosen the platforms you’ll publish on and are aware of how crucial social media publishing is. What should a marketing agency post on social media about the subject at hand now? You can find out more about digital marketing agencies in King Kong agency customer reviews.

Do not fret. For digital marketing agencies, we came up with 4 simple ideas for social media posts. You can choose any topic, and it will only take a few minutes to create and submit the post. Look at this:

1. One-Minute Case Study

Case studies are popular because they highlight a real-world issue and a successful solution. Share any positive results you have had with a client’s work on social media. Post a brief case study detailing the issue, your approach to solving it, and what worked and what didn’t. You will get credibility as a result of this.

2. Explanations

Describe any recent developments in your field. You may, for instance, describe why email marketing is now again popular. This will demonstrate to potential customers that you are knowledgeable about your field.

3. Speedy How-To Posts

You can offer concrete instructions on how to do something in place of a detailed explanation. Take email marketing as an example once more. Explain in 4-5 steps how a small business can contact its clients via email. Carousel posts can also be used for this.

4. Distribute user-created content

Share the screenshot of any hilarious or noteworthy comments made by followers on your post. It inspires others to write insightful comments on your blog postings.

You can also use the comments you receive as a source of questions for future posts. This demonstrates that you pay attention to your audience and make an effort to add value for them.

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