IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television is a television service with an Internet network that uses a network architecture as well as the Internet protocol suite method via packet-switched Network Infrastructure. This is different from receiving broadcasts via terrestrial, satellite, and cable television. However, IPTV is not a download media but is limited to providing the ability to stream media sources continuously. Thus, the client/user media player can play and enjoy content (such as TV channels), and this is usually known as media streaming. If you want to try iptv canada, you can visit our website.

The term IPTV first appeared in 1995 with the founding of Software Teaching by Judith Estrin and Bill Carrico, but a year earlier this service was actually used by the ABC World News television program which was broadcast over the Internet, using video conferencing software CU-SeeMe. Over time many of the world’s major telecommunications providers are exploring IPTV as a new revenue opportunity from existing markets and as a defense measure against disruption from more conventional cable television services. In addition, many IPTV installations are used in schools, universities, companies, and local institutions.

Currently, to watch broadcasts via IPTV, there are many ways and devices that can be used in the form of a Set Top Box (STB) or just installing the IPTV application on a smartphone, so we can watch the service. In addition, we can also watch IPTV media using the latest satellite dish receivers where the IPTV feature is also available so that apart from being able to watch shows via satellite tv, we can also watch internet tv. Some receivers that already have IPTV features are Skybox A1 New AVS, A1 Plus H.265, A1 Combo H.265, Getmecom HD 009 Super/Plus, AVS, Gouxin, Kaonsat Imax, Manhattan 6900 U/W, and many more.

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