“Many roads lead to Rome,” the saying goes. Perhaps this adage is also what inspires many people to go to extreme ways to get to the ideal weight, including following the military diet. People believe that you can lose as much as 15 kilograms in just a month with this diet! However, is this diet healthy? Before that, you can visit our website to see military diet substitutions for tuna.

Basically, the military diet is a low-carb, low-calorie diet that helps you lose weight fast. Supporters of this diet claim to be able to lose 5-15 kg of body weight in a span of 1 week. The week-after-week cycle will continue to rehash until you arrive at your fantasy weight objective. The tactical eating routine firmly suggests that you limit calories and control your bits.

This diet program likewise asserts that the mix of particular kinds of food can increment digestion and the pace of fat consuming. The starting points of the 3-Day Diet are not known without a doubt. A few sources express that this diet program was an in the started by a nutritionist US military. Nonetheless, the tactical eating regimen is as a matter of fact not connected with the military or military establishments.

Here is the meal plan you should follow during the first phase of the military diet (first 3 days).

First day
The total calorie intake during the first day from breakfast, lunch, to dinner is approximately 1,400 kcal.

The second day
The total caloric intake during the second day of the military diet from breakfast, lunch, to dinner was approximately 1,200 kcal.

The third day
The total calorie intake during the second day of the military diet from breakfast, lunch, to dinner, only reached 762 kcal.

In addition to paying attention to the type and calories of food, you also need to drink more water, at least 3-4 liters per day. For the next 4 days, you can adjust your own healthy diet. However, stay away from oily, high-calorie, and high-salt and sugar foods. You still need to limit food intake so that it does not exceed 1200 kcal (for women) or 1500 kcal (for men) in a day. This is to keep the weight from increasing again.

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