Recording activities while playing games or teaching tutorials on using a program via a laptop can be done in various ways. For those of you who usually create gaming content by recording game activity directly from a laptop, you will usually use the screen record feature available in it. For users of the Windows 10 operating system, of course there are a number of ways to record a laptop screen that can be done. Where, a number of these ways can certainly make it easier for you to create gaming content or provide certain tutorials clearly and easily. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to record a laptop screen using free screen recorder for windows 10.

How to record a laptop screen on Windows 10 that can be done using the help of additional or third-party applications. One application that can be used is OBS which can record the screen with the results that can be directly shared to video platforms such as YouTube or DailyMotion. However, you must first download this additional application via the page. After that, you can directly enter the recording stage as follows:

Enter into the installed OBS Studio application.
Then, select the + button on the Sources menu at the bottom.
Select the Display Picture option to start the recording file.
Click Start Recording to get started.
When finished, click the red round button to Stop Recording.
Later, the recording results will be stored in a folder according to the settings. In addition to screen recording, there is also a live streaming feature that can be used directly.

That’s a number of ways to record a laptop screen on Windows 10 that you can choose according to your wishes and needs. Where, you can immediately practice it through the laptop you are using. Well, to support recording activities smoothly, especially when playing games, it’s a good idea to choose a laptop that is equipped with qualified specifications and features in it.

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