One of the most industrial waste management developments within the packaging assiduity in recent times is the drive for and commitment to green products. From plastic bags to paper bags to boxes and beyond, there are ever adding ways of” greening up” bones packaging. Morgan Chaney has assumed a leadership position in the continuing elaboration of environmentally feasible packaging druthers and is committed to furnishing them for our guests. The truly awful part for interested businesses is the knowledge that the look and sense of green products does not miss a beat in terms of style and performance. That said, why wouldn’t you go green?

Recycled industrial waste management are continuously changing and perfecting, offering interested guests an ever- expanding variety of choices. These products correspond of Post Consumer Recycled Material( PCR) andPost-Industrial Recycled Material( PIR). PCR is any material that was used and discarded by a consumer or business and captured before going into a tip. PIR consists of redundant scrap or trim material that has been recovered by a plant during and after the manufacturing process. As you will learn, other recycled accoutrements may also be present. But now that you are a content expert, let’s learn about the products!

Some of Morgan Chaney’s recycled paper bags are made from 100 percent natural fiber reclaimed paper that contains 60 percent PCR and 30 percent PIR. The other 10 percent is made up of, believe it or not, banana, coffee, or bomb filaments. Recycled and biodegradable plastic bags are also available with different contents of PCR and PIR, generally over to 30 percent. And in a homage to the continued elaboration of these products, they now feature an cumulative that makes plastic bags biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. And unlike with former complements, these bags won’t witness unseasonable declination while being stored for use. Custom printing using soy and water grounded inks is available.

No bananas or coffee in our recycled boxes, just boxes with over to 100 percent reclaimed paperboard content broken down to contain 75- 80 percent PCR and 20- 25 percent PIR. Custom printing for boxes is available using water grounded inks and varnishes. Morgan Chaney is also proud to offer recycled towel paper that can be published in as little as 10 reams using soy inks, as well as stock or custom published strip and paper towels.

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