There are numerous different sizes and styles of moldavite to pick from. However, do you realize that some forms are more uncommon than others? Before you intend to buy moldavite for sale, Inner Vision Crystals describe the most unusual moldavite shape.

Let’s first go through some of the moldavite’s most popular shapes. Other shapes include triangles, circles, ovals, and teardrops. Each form possesses inherent qualities and energy that can benefit particular tasks exceptionally, however, it stands out above the others in terms of rarity: the star. Moldavite stars are incredibly uncommon and highly prized by both collectors and enthusiasts.

What precisely is a moldavite star, then? It is a moldavite stone with a recognizable star design on its surface. Many spiritual and metaphysical traditions view this pattern, which is the result of the way the stone was produced, as a very potent and fortunate emblem.

Moldavite stars are unfortunately relatively rare. Unfortunately, they are so uncommon that many people think they don’t exist. But over the years, Inner Vision Crystals has been fortunate to find a few true moldavite stars.

A moldavite star is one of the rarest and most potent forms of this unusual stone, so you’ll be in luck if you can get your hands on one. Moldavite stars are thought to have a very high frequency that profoundly facilitates spiritual development and communication.

Of course, there are many more moldavite shapes and sizes to pick from, even if you cannot locate a moldavite star. Each has a unique energy and can be a valuable instrument for spiritual development and self-discovery.

Finding the ideal moldavite stone for each client is a source of great pride for Inner Vision Crystals. So why not venture into the moldavite realm to discover what gems you might uncover?

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