The industrial machine is the equipment used for the industry to run its business. An industrial machine also needs maintenance by the vapro c operator, maintenance of industrial machines is not arbitrary. The scope of industrial maintenance is very dependent on the number of goods in the industry. While the function of maintenance is to maintain and protect the machine from everything that can damage the machine.

Maintenance activities include various kinds of maintenance and repair of machines. This is intended so that machines and other equipment related to industrial activities can function properly. This activity is divided into 2 parts, namely; the mechanical repair and maintenance department and the electrical maintenance and repair section. Part of mechanical repair and maintenance is to replace various kinds of mechanics or equipment that is no longer suitable for use, whether it’s large parts or small parts, as well as taking good care of all equipment. Whereas what is meant by utility change or electrical maintenance and repair is replacing or maintaining all kinds of equipment that uses electricity.

The utility change itself is more about distributing cooling water, lubricants, and also other components, parts like this are better handled by the maintenance department. In addition to the problem of maintaining machines and also taking care of various other equipment, a company or maintenance department should provide several things needed to support production in a factory so that it can run well, such as;

Storage area, various supplies of materials and tools
An area to store items that are not utilized
Fire protection equipment
Silencer noise and also pollution
Documentation storage area as well as maintenance and repair administration.
Care service place

Maintenance aims to take care of various kinds of production machinery equipment to support the continuity of a factory. When the machines are well cared for, the machine will last much longer than those that are not maintained. With good maintenance of production machines, the production results will be better.

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