Some people want a minimalist engagement ring and some people like a glamorous engagement ring with large diamonds. But a large diamond, of course, will cost a lot too. So, if you have a limited budget but want an engagement ring with a diamond that looks big, there are a few tricks you can follow without breaking your wallet. Meanwhile, if you simply need a diamond ring with the highest quality, you can simply check out custom engagement rings.

Here are some ways to get a diamond ring that looks bigger:

Choose High-Quality Diamond Cuts

If you want the diamond to look as big as possible, don’t neglect the quality of the cut or cut. People often assume that carat weight is what determines the size of a diamond, but that is not entirely true. Many other factors influence this, including how well the quality of the diamond cut is.

Why is the cut so influential in the appearance of a diamond? When diamonds have excellent brilliance, they will appear larger to the eye. For a diamond to have maximum brilliance, it must have a good cut quality.

Choose Real Diamond Rings with Other Shapes

Another thing that can make a diamond appear bigger is its shape. Diamonds can be cut into various shapes, such as round, princess, or oval cut. But some diamond shapes have more weight on the table (top of the diamond), which makes them appear much larger per carat.

The four largest shapes per carat are marquise, pear, oval, and emerald-cut diamonds. If you want a classic engagement ring, you can go for oval cut diamonds. This shape looks bigger per carat and has a similar appearance to a round cut.

Avoid Certain Diamond Shapes

Just as certain diamond shapes appear larger per carat, some appear smaller per carat. Try to avoid the Asscher cut and princess cut. These two shapes hide most of their weight under the table due to their cut shape.

Round cut diamonds are another shape you may want to avoid. These diamonds appear smaller per carat than marquise, pear, oval, and emerald-cut diamonds. Round cut diamonds are also much more expensive because they lose a lot of their original weight when cut.

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