The most important thing before applying for work is to prepare your CV well. It would be better if the CV you make is in accordance with the job you want to apply for. That’s because there are some skillsets or other types of qualifications that can be different in some job openings at the sales recruiting firms.

For example, when you apply to fill a graphic designer position, it is necessary to include skills related to design and creativity. A CV with the skill set will certainly not be relevant if you send it to companies that open vacancies in marketing positions.

Then, make sure the CV contains detailed information that explains your background, what you have done, and don’t forget the contact for recruitment to contact you. Attachments that match the proposed job can also add to your selling points.

Then, you must understand that almost everything is now done through the internet, including finding work that can now be easily applied online.

Currently available are several websites that are specifically intended for job seekers. Take advantage of this convenience to apply for the job you want. On various websites, complete information has usually been written, starting from the prospective employee criteria they are looking for, company details, to the estimated salary that you will get if accepted.

However, still, be careful with the mode of fraud committed by irresponsible people who often take advantage of the frustration of fresh graduates. Try to find out about the company first and don’t be tempted by high salaries with inappropriate job desks.

Finally, work experience is an important consideration for recruiters when looking for prospective employees for their company. This is often an obstacle for fresh graduates who find it difficult to get a job. Despite having qualified qualifications, not infrequently not having work experience makes them excluded.

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