A three-in-one oven known as a combi allows you to cook using steam, hot air, convection, or a combination of the three. When preparing food professionally, a combi can take the role of a separate steamer and a convection oven, saving time, space, and money. We’ll go over a Using a Combi Oven characteristics in this piece so you can see how they could increase output while cutting labor costs.

A combi oven for a business kitchen gives you access to three different cooking methods in a single device:

Steam Oven Cooking
This option involves injecting water into the combi oven, making it perfect for cooking items that would often need to be boiled or steamed separately. For example, fish is a fragile food that may shrink, dry up, or break in a typical range oven. “Combi steamers” are perfect for cooking fish. Additionally, you can guarantee that veggies retain more of their nutritious worth and natural color by steam-cooking them in a combi rather than boiling them.

Convection Cooking
Dry heat is distributed throughout the oven when this combi oven mode is chosen, just as it may be in your domestic range at home. This technique is ideal for finishing all types of food, such as loaves of bread, pizzas, and pastries, and scorching meats at the start of the cooking process.

Combination Cooking
This makes combi ovens unique among all other pieces of accessible catering equipment and enables you to have the “best of both worlds” for high-volume cooking. A combination of dry heat and steam is used, and an automatic mode ensures the food you’re cooking has the proper amount of moisture. As a result, cooking at higher, “more humid” temperatures for shorter periods can be done without running the danger of burnt edges or shrinking.

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