An ‘Earth Fence’ or GeoFence can be established anywhere in the world. There is no limit on area and distance. You can fence off all of Jakarta, the entire island of Bali or just along the protocol road that crosses the front of your business. The basic technology used is GPS (Global Positioning System), and this technology is very sensitive. That’s why geofencing companies can also be used to form a large or small perimeter region.

As you have seen in the concrete example of the usage above. Push Notification, triggered by GeoFencing, is not necessarily text, or a deal and a discount. This can be used for several other purposes too. Technically, the message delivered can be a website, facebook /twitter/foursquare address, or a video (imagine for a historical place). Therefore, GeoFencing can be applied to many branches of business. Great and up-to-date technology that is very cheap and easy to access even by SMEs. What and how it is used is only limited by your creativity and imagination.

You have seen the flexibility of using GeoFencing, from its size and use. More than that, GeoFencing has one more flexibility, which is about the shape of the area you are going to walk in. This technology does not require a circle with a rigid radius. GeoFencing can you set the shape, whether it’s a triangle, or follow a district boundary, or even a rectangle that surrounds the sidewalk in front of you. You decide it.

GeoFencing can clearly be used to lead buyers and increase customer flow to your business. This certainly benefits you. But you also have to note, that the customer is still the king. GeoFencing should be used to enhance their experience and provide added value. Or this science will not be useful at all.

GeoFencing is a concept where the time has come and is ready to be absorbed by business activists. Be more powerful with the move, “Fence Earth” and make your business more successful with “GeoFencing” technology. This sophisticated technology is very cheap and easy to access.

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