Dive into the world of superior prints and you’ll find the Mimaki LUS-120 ink beckoning you with its promise of unparalleled quality. But as with all great things, to truly harness its magic, there’s a bit of a dance involved! Let’s waltz through some pro tips and tricks to ensure you’re maximizing the print quality when using this wonder ink.

1. Prepping the Surface is Key:
Think of printing as cooking a gourmet meal. The fresher the ingredients, the better the dish! Likewise, ensure your substrate is clean and free from dust or residues. A pristine surface allows the ink to adhere better, making your prints sharper and more vibrant.

2. Shake, Rattle, and Roll:
Before loading your printer with the Mimaki LUS-120 ink, give it a gentle shake. This ensures the pigments are well-mixed, paving the way for consistent color outputs. Remember, it’s a bit like mixing a cocktail – balance is everything!

3. Mind the Temperature:
Like a fine wine served at the optimal temperature, the LUS-120 ink too has its sweet spot. Maintaining the right room temperature ensures the ink flows smoothly, reducing the chances of blotches or inconsistencies.

4. Calibration is Your Best Friend:
Every now and then, take the time to calibrate your printer. It’s like tuning a guitar. Proper calibration ensures that what you see on screen is what gets printed, especially in terms of colors.

5. UV Settings – It’s All About Timing:
Since Mimaki LUS-120 is UV-curable, the UV settings on your printer play a pivotal role. Too much exposure and the colors might fade; too little and they might not cure properly. Find that Goldilocks zone where it’s just right!

6. Regular Maintenance – A Stitch in Time…:
Keeping your printer nozzles clean and regularly checking for any blockages can make a world of difference. Regular maintenance not only ensures top-notch print quality but also extends the life of your printer.

7. Test, Adjust, Repeat:
Before diving into bulk printing, run a test print. Check for color accuracy, sharpness, and overall quality. Make adjustments if needed, and test again. It’s a game of patience but well worth the results.

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